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So I'm at T-minus two hours (or thereabouts) until NaNoWriMo starts for us Pacific Time Zone folks, and I still don't know what I'm writing.

It's kind of refreshing, actually. I'm usually all, "Oh, I need to plot the hell out of this, I have to make it perfect," and then things fall apart halfway through because I get between 25-30K into it and realize that nothing is going according to plan at all. This year, I'm running with more of a prompt than anything else, and I think I'll see where it takes me.

(For the curious, I think I'm going to write about an emergency room nurse (BECAUSE I MISS IT) who works at one of the few trauma centers in the country that's willing to admit patients of a supernatural persuasion. You know: zombies, werewolves, vampires, nixies, that sort of thing. I really have no idea where I'm going with it, but I think it will be fun)

Of course, working on NaNo means I'm going to be putting off fanfic, but given that right now I keep writing (a) really weird Dishonored stuff because I can't get that game OUT OF MY HEAD, and (b) a Twilight and Teen Wolf crossover in which Sheriff Stilinski and Charlie Swan are small town crimefighting bros who hook up or whatever. I...don't even know, I really don't.

However, I am so excited for Yuletide prompts to go out that I can't even stand it. *GRABBY HANDS*
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