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Dear Yuletide author,

First off, you are quite possibly my favorite person in the world right now! I heart you like whoa, author, I really do. I’m super-excited that you matched up on one of my fandoms, and I just want to say straight out that if you already have an amazing idea that you’re excited to write, then you can completely disregard everything I’ve said here. Also, if we matched on one thing and you like one of my other fandoms more, feel free to write that story instead! I’m in love with every single fandom in this letter and would be incredibly excited to read something in any of them.

I’m not sure how much help this will be to you, but I post fanfiction at AO3 under [ profile] ghostsoldier and occasionally put random stuff on my tumblr. Of more use is probably this post on my narrative kinks I made a few days ago. Optional details are, of course, super optional, but it might give you a better idea of themes and scenarios and such that tend to appeal to me.

While I generally prefer slash and gen over het, I’m quite fond of all three and will try to specify which pairings I’m particular about. I’m definitely fine with any rating, so stick to what you feel most happy writing. Like, if you don’t feel comfortable writing explicit sex? That’s cool! If you really, really love writing explicit sex? That’s cool too!

In terms of dislikes, I’m relatively simple. I don’t like mpreg, non-con (although dub-con is fine, especially for the Tron universe), or kinks like vomit, scat, or watersports. I also don’t usually like works with strong BDSM themes. Angst is delicious when it fits the story and I will happily eat it with a spoon, but I definitely prefer my endings to be somewhat happy. I understand that “happy” is a relative term (for example, if you’re writing from a villain’s POV, then a happy ending for them might be one in which they convince the hero to turn to the dark side…and I am totally okay with that!), so when I use it here I mean (a) no deathfic*, and (b) if two characters are in a relationship, I’d prefer that they stay together and are relatively comfortable with that decision.

*If a character has died in canon, it’s definitely cool to acknowledge it and for the other characters to reference it! I just don’t really want a story where death is the major focus, if that makes sense.

On to fandom specifics!

The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu )

Redshirts – John Scalzi )

Tron – All Media Types )

I'm sorry this got so long, oh lovely author, but I hope it gives you lots of options to work with! I'm really excited to see what you come up with.


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