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Oh my god. I think I've been doing yarn-overs wrong for the past FOUR YEARS. How have I not noticed this before?!

I've been knitting a lot lately, because I like having something to do with my hands and I really like hobbies that result in stuff I can wear. I can't sew, mostly because I'm terrified of sewing machines, but knitting? Knitting I can do. I can't always do it well (see: the YO issue above), but it's still pretty nifty that in only two or three nights of work, I can have a fair isle Cthulhu hat. You can't say that's not awesome.

Speaking of awesome things, I've been enjoying the HELL out of Dishonored. I really wish Corvo wasn't your typical "faceless and voiceless FPS protagonist," because I'm dying to know what's going through his head during the course of the game. The fact that we don't know makes for great fanfic material, but still -- I am utterly convinced that he and Jessamine were hooking up, and I'm also convinced that the Outsider is into him in a creepy, bad-touch, trickster god sort of way. NOTHING WILL DISSUADE ME FROM THIS HEADCANON. NOTHING!

One of the things I'm most intrigued by are the differences between the Low Chaos and High Chaos playthroughs. I played Low Chaos, because I love when games give me the option of being non-lethal and non-lethal Corvo is basically Steampunk Stealthssassin Batman, but I think it's implied that Low Chaos Corvo is way less broken than a High Chaos Corvo. And I have to be honest -- I'm way more intrigued by a Corvo that's totally broken and fucked in the head than I am by a Corvo who weathered six months of torture and manipulation for a crime he didn't commit and came out the other side all, "Yeah, I guess I'm kinda pissed but...what can you do?" I mean, okay, some of the nonlethal ways you can dispose of your targets are pretty fucking awful (the Lady Boyle mission is particularly terrible, ugh), but I still feel like Corvo would want to messily dispatch anyone and everyone who was involved in Jessamine's death.

Although...I would be curious to read something where a Low Chaos Corvo justifies this route of action to himself (especially considering the Empress's murder and the six months of torture and the way he was subsequently manipulated by the people purporting to be his friends). I am equally curious to read things from a High Chaos POV, although my take on a High Chaos Corvo is that he's basically Bryan Mills from Taken, only endlessly more fucked up and with a trickster god on his side.

...brb, need to write this story.


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